Video special: How they’ve grown! Twins Libby and Anna’s 2nd year antics

      They were born in front of a television camera and haven’t stopped performing since. Libby and Anna are now two-years-old and we’ve seen them grow from tiny little pink bundles of shock (I thought I was destined to continue my run of boys), to two bigger bundles of cheekiness and character. See… Read More

Libby and Anna’s 1st Birthday – A quick round-up

    The day started early as usual, not because the twins had any extra excitement with it being their first birthday but because they (or to be more specific, Anna) has an aversion to sleeping in past 5am. A couple of hours later we were also joined by the crew, busy filming the day… Read More

The twins are almost a year old…

  Can you believe these two beautiful little girls are almost a year old already?     It was about this time last year that I had just about had enough of the pregnancy.  The end stages of pregnancy are hard at the best of times but with twins… oh my!  I simply wasn’t prepared… Read More

Twins – but so different!

      The twins celebrated turning ten months old yesterday.  A whole ten months already, can you believe? We have often marvelled at how different they are.  We’ve commented many times on how they barely look like sisters, let alone twins. But they are. Anna, on the left in the picture above, was born… Read More

The Trouble With Twins

    Can you believe that the twins are two days away from turning seven months old? Already! I cannot believe that this time last year we were anxiously anticipating their arrival.  We were fairly new to the news that there were two babies and not the one we had expected there to be and… Read More