How to Protect your Older Family Members from Tactical Online Scams

  Historically, our elders haven’t particularly involved themselves with technology, leaving their inboxes and online activities to the younger generations to deal with. However, as having an online presence has now generally been normalised for all ages, it does pose another threat to older people. As they are typically less knowledgeable about the internet, it… Read More

9 Reasons to Grow Marigolds in Your Vegetable Garden

Marigolds are excellent flowers to grow in your landscape. Either they are on hanging baskets, planters, borders, or ornamental beds. Also, they are a great addition to your vegetable garden, although many gardeners do not favor adding flowers to their vegetable garden. The advantage that marigolds offers will boost the productivity and health of your… Read More

Credit Cards for Good

credit cards for good

  Robert Kiyosaki said: ‘People used to live from pay cheque to pay cheque, now they live from credit card payment to credit card payment.’ For most of us, that’s a difficult statement to argue. Rather than being a convenient means to pay, more and more people use credit cards as an often unaffordable way… Read More