Video special: How they’ve grown! Twins Libby and Anna’s 2nd year antics

      They were born in front of a television camera and haven’t stopped performing since. Libby and Anna are now two-years-old and we’ve seen them grow from tiny little pink bundles of shock (I thought I was destined to continue my run of boys), to two bigger bundles of cheekiness and character. See… Read More

Filming is over

    After a very full and busy week, we finally finished filming our part for a new series on large families. Friday was a long day marking the end of months of being followed, sharing our lives in front of the camera, ready for it to be broadcast to the nation later this year.… Read More

The flip side

      Isobel is 16 days old today and despite the joy of welcoming a new baby into the family there have been quite a few instances of experiencing the not-so-great flip side of life. I should have known it when, a couple of hours after my arrival home from hospital Ben mentioned that… Read More

Get our Twin Pregnancy Diary FREE for 24 hours!

      To celebrate the news that #12 is on the way you can download our Twin Pregnancy Diary FREE on Kindle for 24 hours. The offer runs until midnight PST (that’s about 8am tomorrow morning GMT) so if you’d like to relive our twin pregnancy journey (or see just how incorrectly and negatively our pregnancy… Read More