Video special: How they’ve grown! Twins Libby and Anna’s 2nd year antics

      They were born in front of a television camera and haven’t stopped performing since. Libby and Anna are now two-years-old and we’ve seen them grow from tiny little pink bundles of shock (I thought I was destined to continue my run of boys), to two bigger bundles of cheekiness and character. See… Read More

The twins demonstrate their baby signing skills

    I had always been interested in trying out baby signing but wasn’t really sure if it would work or not.   About five months ago we bought a couple of baby signing DVDs.  It wasn’t until afterwards that I realised there was a difference between American sign language and British – I had… Read More

From babies to toddlers – the twins are growing fast

  Libby and Anna are now the grand old age of 14 months.  Well, 14 months and two days to be precise. When they were born Libby weighed in a whole 10 ounces more than Anna.  Looking back at the photos Anna looked comparatively skeletal to Libby, with Libby affectionately described as being the ‘heftier’… Read More

Trying to stand on their own two feet

Sullivan twins

    Even though they are only 13 months old themselves we knew the twins would seem huge in comparison once the new baby had arrived. Only a week ago they were our babies yet this week we have realised just how far from babyhood they have actually come. This realisation is bittersweet.  As well… Read More