How to keep organised with a big family

    Looking after a family can often mean you’re constantly picking things up off the floor and putting them away. Toys are scattered over the carpet, clothes need putting back in the wardrobes and Dad’s muddy football boots are still sitting by the back door. It doesn’t need to be a headache keeping organised… Read More

Video Special: Italy 2014 – A Visit to Este

    While in Italy we spent many days in beautiful Este, located at the foot of the Euganei Hills. Watch our video to see what we got up to:   Keep up with the latest videos from our family. Subscribe to our YouTube channel here.       Blog this! Bookmark on Delicious Digg… Read More

Making Homemade Ravioli: It’s a Family Affair

  My Saturday plans to make fresh ravioli for dinner ended up with the opening of the culinary domestic sweatshop. Paddy came on board to cook the filling earlier on during the day. Afternoon came around and with the filling now cool, it was time to begin preparing the ravioli. Obviously, with 13 of us… Read More