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Looking after a family can often mean you’re constantly picking things up off the floor and putting them away. Toys are scattered over the carpet, clothes need putting back in the wardrobes and Dad’s muddy football boots are still sitting by the back door. It doesn’t need to be a headache keeping organised though. Follow these tips to make life easier:

Safe storage: If you’ve got lots of items you’ve hung onto in case you might need or want them at a later date but are running out of space to store them, consider using an outside self-storage company. Alligator self storage is one company that offers affordable storage units that you can use for as long or short a time as you wish and offers a way to keep your items safe and secure. The company can also help with packing and boxes.

Toy boxes: For little ones, there are now a wide range of cool toy boxes to choose from that will keep things neat and tidy. Choose from Minion toy boxes, Lego, Star Wars or Frozen themed boxes, among many more, to encourage your children to put their toys back away. Have a look at for ideas.

Give it some sole: Keep the family’s shoes tidy by keeping a shoe rack by the back or front door so everybody puts their footwear in the same place. It makes it easier on school run days when you’re not having to also rush around looking for a lost school shoe!

Brush up: Bathrooms can easily become quite messy if things aren’t put away so use some clever ideas to keep things tidy. Keep toothbrushes together in a holder. Fit cabinets on the walls for bathroom products. Towels can be kept neatly rolled up and stored in baskets or on shelves on the walls. If you are short on space then cupboards are available which can fit neatly under the sink basin.

Sort it out: Pop ironed and cleaned clothes into a separate laundry basket that can be stored neatly at the bottom of the stairs for the rest of the family to sort out and put into wardrobes and drawers upstairs.

Storage boxes: There are plenty of storage boxes available that can blend in with your décor to keep things neat and tidy. Wicker baskets look good in the bathroom or bedroom and faux leather storage boxes suit an office or spare room.

Get organised: The children may be asking to watch Frozen for the zillionth time, but in the meantime keep all the DVDs, CDs and video games that aren’t being used in a specially designed storage unit. Have a look at for ideas.

Hang it up: Keep coats and bags together by fitting a coat rack by the front or back door or in the hallway. Install a separate rack lower down so the children can reach to be able to hang up and collect their own coats and bags.








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