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Hello and welcome to our blog!

I am Tania, wife to Mike, writer of the blog and mum to the intrepid 13.

I began Larger Family Life back in 2008 and it is now the UK’s biggest resource website for large families, covering a range of topics including travel, food, fitness and adventure.

Mike and I believe in living life to the beat of our own drum and encouraging others to do the same. Not only are we strong advocates of walking our own path, even when it goes against the grain, but also that life is for living. The best way to do that is often to pack up your bags and travel – even with 13 children in tow! Yes, we are pro-blogging, freelance-writing, home-educating, travel-loving parents of 13 children.

Following the loss of my father to cancer in 2016, followed by the loss of my 34-year-old brother to leukaemia just five months later, we agreed to fulfil a promise to my brother that we will fill life with more adventure and make shed loads of good memories along the way.

Taking my promise seriously, I lost 60lbs in less than a year (we’ve lost over 100lbs between us), and Mike and I are constantly working on getting fitter and stronger, preparing to fill life with challenges and live it to the fullest.

2017 already sees us embarking on a camp through Germany, Croatia, Montenegro and Albania before we settle in Greece for five weeks then camp our way back up again – with ten of our children. Shortly after we return to the UK Cait (our 17-year-old) and I will be visiting Uganda. We’re still working on confirming the second half of the year’s travels!

In the meantime, Mike and I have some challenges to prepare for! I’ll be doing a couple of abseils and Mike and I will also be undertaking the Yorkshire Three Peaks as well as the National Three Peaks later this year (we’re still seeking a sponsor for the National, if you’re interested). Got a challenge for us to train for and complete? Let us know

So, if we were unconventional before, we’re about to step it up. Join us on our blog and subscribe to our YouTube channel here as we seek adventure and make memories as we travel around the world (with at least ten of our kids!). From treks to mountain climbs to abseiling to horse riding, from sun to sea to deserts, if you have a challenge for us or somewhere to travel to, no matter where, let us know.

Unconventional? Oh, yes! Because life is too short to be anything else!

We’re doing life differently. 


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We are always interested in discussing ways through which we can work with brands and companies. From writing features to giving talks on our unconventional life and inspiring others to live life to the fullest, from interviews or fulfilling further challenges, we are ready to work with you.

For more info on www.largerfamilylife.com, to advertise, to commission a feature, to arrange a press trip, sponsorship, brand campaigns, interview or for any other collaboration, email us at: family@largerfamilylife.com or fill in the contact form below:



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4 thoughts on “About Larger Family Life

  1. Wow! 13 kids and you still can manage this travel lifestyle? My hats are off to you, Sullivan Family! If you can make travel work, then there is no reason why anyone else can. Thanks for being such a great inspiration to all of us aspiring travellers.

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