From babies to toddlers – the twins are growing fast

  Libby and Anna are now the grand old age of 14 months.  Well, 14 months and two days to be precise. When they were born Libby weighed in a whole 10 ounces more than Anna.  Looking back at the photos Anna looked comparatively skeletal to Libby, with Libby affectionately described as being the ‘heftier’… Read More

Twins – but so different!

      The twins celebrated turning ten months old yesterday.  A whole ten months already, can you believe? We have often marvelled at how different they are.  We’ve commented many times on how they barely look like sisters, let alone twins. But they are. Anna, on the left in the picture above, was born… Read More

The Trouble With Twins

    Can you believe that the twins are two days away from turning seven months old? Already! I cannot believe that this time last year we were anxiously anticipating their arrival.  We were fairly new to the news that there were two babies and not the one we had expected there to be and… Read More