For any parent who has ever had one of those days

      Twas the hour before bedtime and all through the house, All the creatures were stirring, except for the mouse. The rodent, you see, packed his bags, quickly fled, To escape all the stress since the kids rose from bed.   The children awoke from their sleep one by one, Not quietly no,… Read More

But WHY so many children?

    Whenever a story about large families hits the headlines there comes with it the usual assumptive, often quite incorrect and generally ignorant comments and opinions.  Authoratitively spoken presumptions are made either admonishing the parents who must obviously force the older children to raise the younger ones, or for pitying the poor children who… Read More

Is motherhood becoming increasingly undervalued?

    Four years ago I wrote a post titled ‘Housewife and Mother = Not Enough?’ in which I spoke of how, when registering the birth of one of our children, the registrar asked me what I did for a living at the time.  I replied with ‘Housewife’ and she then proceeded to give a list… Read More

A tale of (only) two children

    In 1997 Stephanie  and Ben tried to convince me they had chicken pox. Well, Ben claimed he hadn’t actually drawn on himself as Steph was the one with the spots.  He was looking forward to Steph getting into trouble whilst he obviously had done nothing.  He seemed to have missed the point that… Read More

Temper Tantrums

  Anna and Oliver Logic isn’t really a strong point when you have only just turned three years old.  Neither is reason – as Ollie demonstrated to us yesterday. After a disagreement in Cait’s room Ollie began to misbehave as three year olds sometimes do. ‘If you’re going to behave like that you have to… Read More