‘What have you done?!’

    As we approached dinner time we realised that Paddy (5), Oliver (3) and Joseph (2) hadn’t been seen for a while.  As we know from experience, this could not be a good sign. We called them down and down they came. ‘Oliver, what have you done to your hair?’ ‘Nothing!’ ‘Oliver, what have… Read More

Sunday Mugshot Line-up – Whodunnit?

  As I was changing the twins’ nappies in the front room the silence which came from the kitchen was deafening.  Not least because I knew that three little boys were in there. Using the parental formula of: 3 (little boys < 5 years old) + sound/silence = Mischief² + Nothing good possibly going on… Read More

Temper Tantrums

  Anna and Oliver Logic isn’t really a strong point when you have only just turned three years old.  Neither is reason – as Ollie demonstrated to us yesterday. After a disagreement in Cait’s room Ollie began to misbehave as three year olds sometimes do. ‘If you’re going to behave like that you have to… Read More