Strange gift requests: What kids really want for Christmas… according to our readers!

    A few weeks ago our eight-year-old asked for a bag of carrots for Christmas. ‘What for?’ I asked him. ‘To eat,’ he replied ‘They’re just so tasty!’ And so I wondered whether it was just our children who had a tendency to be slightly odd at times. After asking our readers about their… Read More

Temper Tantrums

  Anna and Oliver Logic isn’t really a strong point when you have only just turned three years old.  Neither is reason – as Ollie demonstrated to us yesterday. After a disagreement in Cait’s room Ollie began to misbehave as three year olds sometimes do. ‘If you’re going to behave like that you have to… Read More

A thought from me on parenting

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  Paddy, like the rest of the family, loves watching the Looney Tunes DVDs.   This morning Paddy is running around pretending he is Speedy Gonzales. Only instead of crying out the words, “Ariba, ariba.  Andele!” Paddy’s version is slightly different with “Yee-ha yee-ha! Underwear!”         Blog this! Bookmark on Delicious Digg this… Read More