The things kids say

    After reading a report on how a high percentage of 16-23 year olds still didn’t know where their food came from we thought we’d ask the children what they thought. Three-year-old Ollie loved answering the questions: ‘Where does ham come from?’ ‘Piggies!’ ‘Where does milk come from?’ ‘Cows!’ ‘Where do eggs come from?’… Read More


  Paddy, like the rest of the family, loves watching the Looney Tunes DVDs.   This morning Paddy is running around pretending he is Speedy Gonzales. Only instead of crying out the words, “Ariba, ariba.  Andele!” Paddy’s version is slightly different with “Yee-ha yee-ha! Underwear!”         Blog this! Bookmark on Delicious Digg this… Read More

The things they say

    If you asked anybody in the family to tell you who would have an immediate answer for anything they would all say Paddy. For a four year old he really doesn’t miss a trick, which can be both amusing and frustrating at the same time. Yesterday I was asking Paddy to tidy something… Read More

If you’re looking for compliments you’ve come to the wrong place

  Mike returned home after a trip to the barber. “You look different,” Sid told him. “Different good or different bad?” Mike asked. Sid stared at him for a few seconds. “Different.” Blog this! Bookmark on Delicious Digg this post Recommend on Facebook Share on faves Buzz it up Share on Linkedin share via Reddit… Read More

Where parenting encouragement can be found


  I have found this last week a real struggle to get through.  I’ve been tired, aching, full of cold and finding everything difficult. Yesterday was particularly challenging.  There seemed to be something kicking off in every corner of the house at any moment.  Someone was asking for something, screeching at someone, arguing with someone,… Read More