Strange gift requests: What kids really want for Christmas… according to our readers!


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A few weeks ago our eight-year-old asked for a bag of carrots for Christmas.

‘What for?’ I asked him.

‘To eat,’ he replied ‘They’re just so tasty!’

And so I wondered whether it was just our children who had a tendency to be slightly odd at times. After asking our readers about their strange gift requests it quickly became clear that no, they are not.

Here is a list of what kids really want for Christmas – according to our readers!


‘A lock picking kit…. Got asked today by 9 yr old. Hmmmm…. Should I be worried?’ – Amanda

‘It was my youngest girls 3rd birthday last month. When asked what she would like for her birthday she replied “a cake”. When asked if she would like anything else, she said “a candle.” ‘ – Rachel

‘Blu tac and Sellotape. Our now 9 year old has had both for Christmas since she first asked when she was 5.’ – Suzanne

‘ “4 year old – ‘A pony’
‘Sorry, we have no room for a pony and they take a lot of looking after.’
‘I’ll tell santa I’d like a unicorn instead then please’.
6 year old asked for a garden gnome last year. 4 year old also asked for teddy that was a dinosaur princess with a pointy hat. That was more awkward than the unicorn.’  – Jo

‘Squid brains … The 4 yr old wants to know what they look like. Now how do I wrap that?!?!’ – Estelle

‘A yellow box. Easy enough.
A wind up rabbit. I had no idea it would be so hard for Father Christmas to find such a thing, success 3 days before Christmas.’ – Michelle

‘A stone and a box!’ – Sara

‘ “My true love” from a 3 year old.’ – Diane

‘My youngest son once asked for something similar, a box of bananas. He now wants lots of batteries for Xmas this year (he’s 11 lol). My eldest son has always wanted to be a chef and when he was 8 he asked for a fitted kitchen with Aga etc to go in the toy room. He’s now nearly 15 and is working in a kitchen.’ – Cherelle

‘A lightbulb for his bedside light and a pair of wellies. He once asked for a toy he’d seen on the Isle of Wight six months before. No description, Santa will know, needless to say that one wasn’t found on Christmas morning.’ – Rita

‘A giraffe !! A real one as a pet , she was very serious about it and quite upset when she didn’t get it she was 7 at the time.’ – Anna

‘Just asked 3 yo what she would like for her birthday next week – tortoise and a pink ribbon.’ – Jo

‘ “A big blue present” from a 3 yr old.’ – Emma

‘I have a son that has asked for and received a bag of grapes and a daughter that has asked for and received a bag of brussel sprouts!’ – Nicolene

‘My 11y.o. has asked for a whole block of cheese for Christmas.’ – Catherine

‘A picture of a bear, a picture of the queen and an elephant model.’ – Rebecca

Do you have any strange gift requests which top these? Let us know in the comments below!














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