11 reasons why I won’t do everything for my kids

    Some people believe that children are children and so should be treated to only the pleasures of childhood – the playtime and snacks and naptimes – with no responsibilities or obligations at all. I am not one of those people. I do not believe that by doing everything for my children I will… Read More

For any parent who has ever had one of those days

      Twas the hour before bedtime and all through the house, All the creatures were stirring, except for the mouse. The rodent, you see, packed his bags, quickly fled, To escape all the stress since the kids rose from bed.   The children awoke from their sleep one by one, Not quietly no,… Read More

£132,000 to raise a child? I don’t think so!

      HSBC are telling us that it now costs £132,000 to raise one child. One child. How on earth…? I really dislike these articles and I wonder whether people read them and think that they must be correct.  True, children aren’t cheap but they need not be terribly expensive either. Among the figures… Read More

Two year olds don’t need a formal education to fix Broken Britain. They need a family

    During his Autumn Statement yesterday, George Osborne announced that around 40% of two year olds would be able to receive 15 hours of free nursery education per week in order to help their parents get back to work. The government plans to increase funding to £380 million a year in order to entitle… Read More