The truth about sisters…

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Are family meals around the table dying out?

      Family mealtimes around the table are becoming increasingly rare as researchers reveal that only 49% of families gather for their evening meals. More than one in ten of the 713 parents studied said that their families rarely ate dinner together, opting to sit in front of the television instead, and just 11%… Read More

Media Request: Do you have a large family?

    I have received a media request for a large family to participate in a radio interview with BBC 5 Live.   They are looking for a family who hasn’t had any media interest already.  If you have eight or more children and are willing to tell them how life is with a bigger… Read More

Large families, population size, world resources and the real issues that need addressing

    Large families are often blamed for the rise in the world’s population.  Small families – not so much. The truth is that large families are actually very rare, hence the reason they generate so much interest.  It is conveniently overlooked that it isn’t even birth rates have nothing to do with the rise… Read More

Why SuperMum doesn’t live here

When people hear how many children I have they (understandably) look surprised.  They often then follow with the words, “You must be Supermum!” No, I definitely am not. Definitely not. Please don’t assume I have that accolade because I don’t and I am nowhere near receiving it. See, there are a lot of things that… Read More