Media Request: Do you have a large family?

    I have received a media request for a large family to participate in a radio interview with BBC 5 Live.   They are looking for a family who hasn’t had any media interest already.  If you have eight or more children and are willing to tell them how life is with a bigger… Read More

Media Request – Need help getting on top of the housework?

      Does your family home need a complete overhaul, tidy up and thorough spring clean? Do your teenage kids treat the house like a hotel and you are the room service? Is it a full time job keeping on top of all the cat and dog hair? Do you feel like chaos rules and you… Read More

Media Request: Families Wanted

      Seneca Productions are making a new series for Channel 4 about portraiture and identity with the artist Grayson Perry. After spending time with a wide range of individuals, families and groups, who all cast a light on modern British identity, Grayson will create a series of portraits which will form part of… Read More

Media Request: Large Families Wanted

    An award winning production company are looking for large families for a series that will address the impact of the benefit cuts. We are looking for families from all walks of life- both on benefits and working. You need to have strong opinions and ideas on bringing up a big family. Whether it’s that the… Read More