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Seneca Productions are making a new series for Channel 4 about portraiture and identity with the artist Grayson Perry. After spending time with a wide range of individuals, families and groups, who all cast a light on modern British identity, Grayson will create a series of portraits which will form part of an exhibition which we hope will tour several major art galleries around Britain.

For the episode focusing on families we are currently looking to find:

A blended family who have reached an important moment together. This could be a reunion story: step-sisters/brothers/children/parents and half-brothers/sisters/aunts/uncles all coming together for the first time or an important event such as a birth/christening/naming ceremony for which all stages of the family are attending. It might be a recently formed blended family who have struggled against all odds to create their family unit.

We are also looking to feature a family who all share a passion/sport/hobby, maybe they perform together or the parents now coach the children. We want to be able to show, by following a family such as this, what it means to be part of a tight unit, to explore the identity attached to being a member of a close and dedicated family.

If you would like to find out more or know of anyone who might be suitable please get in touch on: 0207 324 6087 or at





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