Pregnancy Diary: Baby 12 in 2012 – Week 36




I have just typed in the title of this week’s post and furrowed my brow.  Just where did this pregnancy go and how did it go so fast?

With only 18   oops! I mean, 17 days left until we meet Baby 12 we are finally – slowly – preparing.  Mike has made and put up the new triple bunk bed and the twins’ cots have been set up in the other room.  Those who were affected by any new bed changes have now completed their transitions and that side of things is now all done with.

The last couple of weeks has shown a definite change in how I am feeling.  In a week or two I have gone from feeling relatively comfortable, a kind of ‘I can do this for ages yet’ feeling to a more, ‘Ugh.  This is getting uncomfy now.  Ow, this limb digging in… ouch, my hip has gone numb again… urgh, my head hurts…’  sort of feeling.  And don’t mention the copious amounts of empty antacid blister packs that seem to be leaving a Hansel and Gretel trail around the house.  They’re in my pockets too.  And my bags.  They’re everywhere and it’s just not funny.

This morning Mike and I headed off to buy the last couple of toiletries, bits and pieces so that I can pack my hospital bag.  Baby 12’s bag is pretty much done, although I do need to wash and pack our collection of tiny, newborn cloth nappies to take to the hospital with us.  I also still need to replenish the stocks of larger nappies and wraps for the twins and Joseph, although there is no big panic if that is not done by the time Baby 12 arrives.

Everyone is counting down the days now.  Ollie tells us several times a day how excited he is for the new baby, and there is always surprise and laughter if baby moves when several hands rest on my belly.  It’s funny how something so simple can create such joy for them… and for us too!



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