The twins demonstrate their baby signing skills


Libby and Anna 15 months


I had always been interested in trying out baby signing but wasn’t really sure if it would work or not.   About five months ago we bought a couple of baby signing DVDs.  It wasn’t until afterwards that I realised there was a difference between American sign language and British – I had ordered an American set – but thought that as it would only really be used by those of us in this house it didn’t really matter.

The older kids picked it up really fast.  Joseph, aged 2, and three-year-old Oliver picked it up even faster.  But surprisingly to me, the twins have really done very well with it – much quicker than we ever thought possible!  At 15-months-old they already know the signs to around 30 or so words, if not more, and it’s fantastic!

Here are Libby and Anna demonstrating some signs:



Libby soon found it more fun to do this instead…



If baby signing isn’t something you’ve tried I’d really recommend it.  It’s such fun and so good for everyone to learn too!


One thought on “The twins demonstrate their baby signing skills

  1. My 16 month old has been going to Sing and Sign classes for just over 4 months and it’s amazing how quickly she picked it up. She is quite vocal now but still uses the signs as well which is really cute, particularly when she is doing her animal noises complete with actions!

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