Starting a (mini) revolution

    It’s no secret that I am stubborn and opinionated.  I have a thought on everything.  Sometimes I air it.  Sometimes I don’t.  Most of the time Mike and I put the world to rights ourselves.  Sometimes I’ll offload here. When I watched the final edit of 16 Kids and Counting I was a… Read More

A different drum

      This time last week I was nervously anticipating the airing of our first episode of 16 Kids and Counting.  I had prepared myself to defend our decisions – our decision to have a large family, our decision to work for ourselves, our decision to become as self-sufficient as possible and our decision… Read More

Please don’t feel sorry for me because I have a lot of children

    The other evening Caitlin came home from a Guide trip and soon enough launched into her story of how another girl had urged her to reveal to an unsuspecting leader how many siblings she had. When the leader, a mum herself, heard that she had one sister, seven brothers and twins on the… Read More