Starting a (mini) revolution

    It’s no secret that I am stubborn and opinionated.  I have a thought on everything.  Sometimes I air it.  Sometimes I don’t.  Most of the time Mike and I put the world to rights ourselves.  Sometimes I’ll offload here. When I watched the final edit of 16 Kids and Counting I was a… Read More

How things look in our house this morning

  Whilst the majority of parents are busy getting the children ready for school, I thought I’d share what our house looked like at 8.15 this morning.               What were you doing at 8.15 this morning?   Don’t forget that you can catch up with our family again tonight… Read More

A different drum

      This time last week I was nervously anticipating the airing of our first episode of 16 Kids and Counting.  I had prepared myself to defend our decisions – our decision to have a large family, our decision to work for ourselves, our decision to become as self-sufficient as possible and our decision… Read More

The advantages of unconventional living

    Our lives, indeed our lifestyle, hasn’t quite panned out the way we imagined it would.  For a start, when we went on our first date (23 years ago tomorrow) as fresh-faced 14 and 16 year olds we would never have imagined a dozen children at least making up our family twenty years down… Read More