Almondella baby gift box

      When we received our Almondella gift box, we were slightly disappointed. While the quality of the products were wonderful, the objects themselves weren’t always appropriate. The gift box was intended for Isobel, our eighteen month old. Almondella launched two years ago around Europe, and it has finally come to the UK. An… Read More

Review: Beta Highchair from Hauck

The Beta Hauck highchair is possibly one of the nicest highchairs we’ve ever used. Not only does it grow with your child, seating them from six months onwards, but its traditional look is one that many highchairs lack nowadays. It doesn’t hold the bulky plastic appearance that so many others do; in fact, it’s the… Read More

Please don’t feel sorry for me because I have a lot of children

    The other evening Caitlin came home from a Guide trip and soon enough launched into her story of how another girl had urged her to reveal to an unsuspecting leader how many siblings she had. When the leader, a mum herself, heard that she had one sister, seven brothers and twins on the… Read More