Parenting Moments: Parenting Moment #1

    You know that parenting moment when you think your two-year-old twins are sleeping but you discover they’ve been playing with their brother’s (non-toxic) chemistry set instead? That.    I’m thinking of creating a new series called ‘Parenting Moments’. If you have a parenting moment you’d like to share please email a pic and description… Read More

For any parent who has ever had one of those days

      Twas the hour before bedtime and all through the house, All the creatures were stirring, except for the mouse. The rodent, you see, packed his bags, quickly fled, To escape all the stress since the kids rose from bed.   The children awoke from their sleep one by one, Not quietly no,… Read More

The things kids say

    After reading a report on how a high percentage of 16-23 year olds still didn’t know where their food came from we thought we’d ask the children what they thought. Three-year-old Ollie loved answering the questions: ‘Where does ham come from?’ ‘Piggies!’ ‘Where does milk come from?’ ‘Cows!’ ‘Where do eggs come from?’… Read More

‘What have you done?!’

    As we approached dinner time we realised that Paddy (5), Oliver (3) and Joseph (2) hadn’t been seen for a while.  As we know from experience, this could not be a good sign. We called them down and down they came. ‘Oliver, what have you done to your hair?’ ‘Nothing!’ ‘Oliver, what have… Read More