Something to lose: Week 3

    After last week’s disappointing stall it soon become apparent why it had happened – for me at least. I noticed the last time I followed Weight Watchers that my weight loss would stagnate during one week each month. Once that week had passed the weight loss continued. It seems to be the case… Read More

Something to lose: Week 2

  This morning brought about our third weigh-in since beginning our Weight Watchers journey. I was feeling quite optimistic about it. Mike and I had kept within our points limits, in fact coming in below it for many of the days in the week gone by. I had also introduced more activity to my journey… Read More

Something to lose: The beginning

    It is no secret that I have been unhappy with my weight for a while now. After the first three children, my size 10 figure snapped back. After the fourth, a little extra weight remained. After the fifth, gravity took over. Everything on my body plummeted, except for my weight. After each pregnancy… Read More