Something to lose: Week 3


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After last week’s disappointing stall it soon become apparent why it had happened – for me at least. I noticed the last time I followed Weight Watchers that my weight loss would stagnate during one week each month. Once that week had passed the weight loss continued. It seems to be the case once more and so gives me reassurance that it’s just one of those things I’ll be dealing with, and not a particular effect of anything that I have or have not done.

Having said that, I found myself battling the munchies terribly last week. As we don’t drink and rarely buy takeaways there is nothing for us to save our weekly extra ProPoints allowance for. I therefore cut myself some slack, allowing myself to dip into them for a packet of Quavers (2 points) or a meringue or two (1 point). While I did allow myself an extra treat or two I still remained mindful of what I was eating and didn’t plunge into a pack of custard creams as I might otherwise have done. Instead I considered what would make the most of my points allowance. Our evening treat is a bowl packed with no-points fruit, two meringues and a pot of Weight Watchers Dessert Yogurt. Altogether that treat comes to 4 points and is something to look forward to once the kids are in bed.

One thing I do find myself battling with is weighing everything. It’s not that I don’t weigh and measure, I do, but I think a set of digital scales might be more accurate than the normal needle-point scales we own. Trying to weigh up 30 grams when the scale rises in narrow increments of 20 can have you wondering whether you are weighing up too much or too little rather than right on the number.

I have made minor changes which can actually add up to make a major difference. I have stopped taking coffee whitener in my coffee. That single ProPoint per spoonful would soon add up, and I’d much rather save those points for food rather than drink. Black coffee it is for me, which I don’t mind at all. I’ve also substituted my relished evening mugs of hot chocolate with herbal teas, though I have discovered that the liquorice flavour is not quite to my taste, not providing the Liquorice Allsort taste sensation I had hoped for.


Here is our progress so far:



Week 1: Lost 9lbs

Week 2: Lost 3lbs

Week 3: Stayed the same

Week 4: Lost 2lbs

Total lost to date: 14lbs (That’s my first stone!)

Still to lose: 56lbs



Week 1: Lost 3lbs

Week 2: Lost 5lbs

Week 3: Stayed the same

Week 4: Lost 2lbs

Total lost to date: 10lbs


Combined loss to date: 24lbs


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