Something to lose: Week 2

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This morning brought about our third weigh-in since beginning our Weight Watchers journey. I was feeling quite optimistic about it. Mike and I had kept within our points limits, in fact coming in below it for many of the days in the week gone by. I had also introduced more activity to my journey by exercising on the cross-trainer several days a week for twenty minutes a time.

It was an awful disappointment then, when I got on the scales this morning to no change in weight at all. Then it was Mike’s turn. The same. No change is better than a gain, yet still we were left terribly disappointed.

Despite our belief that eating less would equal a loss in weight, a little research and it seems that it is important to ensure you eat all your daily points allowance otherwise your body will kick into starvation mode. We will therefore ensure that we stick to the following this week:

We will eat our daily points allowance.

We will try to add some variety in the breakfasts and lunches we eat. We’re tending to fall into the same pattern of foods for lunch: steamed salmon or omelette with salad, or a greek salad without olive oil. I think we may need a little change in the menu.

We will drink more water. I am struggling with this but know that I need to make more effort.

We will track everything. If we eat it, we track it.

Here is our progress so far:



Week 1: Lost 9lbs

Week 2: Lost 3lbs

Week 3: Stayed the same

Total lost to date: 12lbs

Still to lose: 58lbs



Week 1: Lost 3lbs

Week 2: Lost 5lbs

Week 3: Stayed the same

Total lost to date: 8lbs


Combined loss to date: 20lbs


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2 thoughts on “Something to lose: Week 2

  1. My top tips are:
    – eat more earlier in the day e.g. big breakfast, small dinner, don’t eat after 7pm
    – don’t drink anything but water (makes a huge difference)
    cut out as much sugar AND sweeteners as possible (again this will make a massive difference)
    Well, I’m not sure you wanted my top tips but I thought I’d share them just in case! 😉

  2. It’s very common for weight loss to stall in the second week as your body adjusts. As long as you eat the appropriate amount you’ll notice a difference next week.

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