Something to lose: The beginning


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It is no secret that I have been unhappy with my weight for a while now. After the first three children, my size 10 figure snapped back. After the fourth, a little extra weight remained. After the fifth, gravity took over. Everything on my body plummeted, except for my weight.

After each pregnancy I get back onto the weight-loss wagon yet come way short of my goal before falling pregnant again. I didn’t make too much of an effort after having Isobel, I admit. Yet throughout this pregnancy my determination to finally do something about it was continuous. Of course, I had to finish being pregnant first.

Over the last few months several things have happened which have made me realise that I have come to the point of no return. My self-confidence has reached a low, I feel ugly and unattractive beyond measure, and my clothes were becoming smaller. Clothes are an issue in themselves; I’ve worn nothing but maternity wear for the best part of ten years, whether I’ve been pregnant or not. I feel frumpy and awful. In short, I’ve had enough.

Towards the end of pregnancy my knees ached terribly – an effect, no doubt, of the extra burden they were carrying. I went to an ante-natal appointment to be asked to ‘pull my leggings’ further down over my belly. I wanted to reply that, ‘These aren’t leggings! These are loose trousers!’ but felt too humiliated to do so. Even in preparation for the c-section, the largest support stockings for theatre were too tight for my far too fat calves. Looking down at my trunk-like legs, I noticed that the creases in my knees formed faces complete with smile lines. Great, I thought. Even my knees are mocking me, laughing at how huge I have become.

‘I’m going to do Weight Watchers when I’ve had this baby,’ I told Mike. ‘Will you do it with me?’ I asked him.

I knew it worked, having done it previously and losing over 40lbs. That was under the old plan. The following year, after the birth of the next baby (I forget who it was), I had re-joined but the Pro-Points had taken over. I struggled with it. The previous plan and its rules were still fresh in my mind and I just couldn’t wipe out everything I had previously heeded, replacing it with something else entirely. Sticking to WW that time was a struggle, and any success was minimal.

So two days after Tim and I arrived home, nine days after his birth, Mike and I signed up to Weight Watchers Online.

We are now two weeks in and all is going extremely well. This is Mike’s first time with Weight Watchers, and my memory is poor enough to have forgotten the previous plan and all it entailed. We have entered this journey with detemination and fresh eyes, and have one another to turn to for competitiveness support, of course.

I have a staggering 70lbs to lose. Thats five stone exactly. I was horrified when I realised that I am lugging around the equivalent of Sid, our muscley, solid eight-year-old who weighs in at 4st 12.

‘How can I be carrying Sid around with me all the time?!’

No wonder my knees hurt.

Monday is our weigh-in day, and we’ll be keeping track of our journey here. We’ll be writing about our progress, sharing recipes we’ve tried and seeing what products are available to help (and how useful we’ve found them). You can join us too, if you want!

Given that we began two weeks ago, here is the story so far. I’m not going to state start and goal weights but will give weekly update on our progress instead, although I’ve already divulged that I have a hefty 70lbs to lose.

So here is our progress so far:



Week 1: Lost 9lbs

Week 2: Lost 3lbs

Total lost to date: 12lbs

Still to lose: 58lbs



Week 1: Lost 3lbs

Week 2: Lost 5lbs

Total lost to date: 8lbs


Combined loss to date: 20lbs


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6 thoughts on “Something to lose: The beginning

  1. You are a beautiful lady. I can relate to the negative feelings though. I am about 40 lbs overweight after having 4 children. I am currently working on losing it. Only lost 3 lbs in week 1. Determined that it will happen. Woman are too hard on themselves with their negative thoughts! Best wishes! You are off to a great start.

  2. Well that’s brilliant, you’re both there for each other, you’re both off to a great start and I love following a good weight loss story with a happy ending. Good luck to both of you, look how much you’ve already achieved with your lives, you can do anything x

  3. WAY TO GO TANIA! You’ve lost nearly a stone in 2weeks already! That is AMAZING!

    It’s good that you both have each other to motivate you and encourage you – that tends to be where I come unstuck and lose focus. x

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