Tim’s Journey


Baby 13 approximately 12 hours old. Being well cared for in SCBU.
Baby 13 approximately 12 hours old. Being well cared for in SCBU.


Our 13th child was born on 15th February 2014.  Despite being born at full term gestation at 37+4 weeks, Tim had difficulty breathing and spent the first week of his life in special care. Here is his story:



None of our other children had needed special care before – not even our twins.

We were aware that the Oliver Fisher Neonatal Unit was located at the hospital we attended but we had never given it much thought.

Its presence was something we took for granted.

Until one of our children needed it.

Then we realised just how vital the work they do is.

And we suddenly felt ashamed at how many times we had passed it by thoughtlessly, without acknowledging the importance of how much they do.

Tim’s journey was short but for many others it isn’t as simple.

Without the care and professionalism of the staff and without the medical equipment within the unit all our stories could be very different.

We want to say thank you.

We aim to raise £2,000 by Tim’s 1st birthday. It’s only a small amount, but we hope that it will go towards helping providing the unit with more vital equipment so that they can continue to do what they do best – saving newborn lives. Ideally, we’d love to raise more!

Will you please help us? Please donate whatever you can – no matter how small- to our Just Giving page over at www.justgiving.com/largerfamilylife, or via Paypal to family@largerfamilylife.com (marked ‘Tim’s Journey’).

Keep watching www.largerfamilylife.com for our fundraising plans and progress. If you have any suggestions on ways we can fundraise, or if you’d like to help us please leave a comment below or email us at family@largerfamilylife.com. And please do help us to spread the word.

You don’t need to donate a large amount at all. Small pennies add up to BIG pounds. Every single penny donated will go to the fund.

Thank you.            















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