Our Big Family Road Trip: Meeting Jax

    Four days after arriving in Lasson, Burgundy, it was time to take to the road again.  We headed in a slightly south westerly direction towards the Midi-Pyrenees where sunnier, warmer weather was promised and my never-met-in-real-life-before friend Jax and her family live. We quickly realised that whatever journey time the sat nav estimated,… Read More

Our first day in Italy – The real story about our rescue

    Internet connection has been limited so I have not been unable to update the site at all.  Now that we have settled in a different place we have working Mifi and internet (thanks to an unlimited data sim card provided to us by Holiday Phone), so we are able to update you on our… Read More

Our Big Family Road Trip: Moving South

    It is 5am here – 4 am GMT – and I am awake with Isobel who decided, quite frankly, that she had enough of sleeping for one night.  This suits me fine as today we are moving on. With the weather averaging about 4°C here, our visit has been a little bit of… Read More

Our Big Family Road Trip: Preparing to leave

      Perhaps this post should have been written before yesterday’s but never mind! The run-up to the trip was proving extremely stressful, not least because the person who was supposed to have transferred the funds from our savings account hadn’t actioned the request, leaving us without any money for the trip until 3pm… Read More

Our Big Family Road Trip: We have arrived!

    After almost ten hours of travelling we finally at our first stop in Burgundy.  The journey was long, although quite smooth and uneventful.  It took three hours before anyone asked if we were there yet.  Once the question had been asked once it was like toothpaste had been squeezed out of a tube… Read More

The Big Family Road Trip: And we’re off!

    It’s 6am and I have been up for over an hour.  I’m gulping down hot coffee, trying desperately to remember anything I might have forgotten and psyching myself up for the most memorable, and quite possibly, most stressful trip we are likely to take. The day has arrived.  In an hour we’ll or… Read More