Our Big Family Road Trip: We have arrived!


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After almost ten hours of travelling we finally at our first stop in Burgundy.  The journey was long, although quite smooth and uneventful.  It took three hours before anyone asked if we were there yet.  Once the question had been asked once it was like toothpaste had been squeezed out of a tube and we couldn’t get it back in again.

We’re still questioning our sanity.  I guess we won’t know the answer to whether we ever had any, and if we did, whether we do by the end of it, until we get home at the end of the trip.  It’s interesting to see how many people are now considering the same kind of road trip for their family!

The cottage is beautiful and spacious, and pretty much in the middle of nowhere. There is plenty of room for the children to run around indoors, which is very fortunate as the weather is not in our favour for this stop.  It has a pool in the garden but it’s just not swimming weather, disappointingly for everyone.

Being the Burgundy region, wine and wine tours seem to be mentioned frequently in tour guides and on websites.  This isn’t something the children would be interested in and, since we are not great drinkers (or even moderate ones), it isn’t something we’d be participating in anyway.  We took a drive in order to walk by the canals yesterday but the cold was bitingly uncomfortable, so had to turn back to the cottage.

Mike took the children for a runaround in the garden whilst I stayed indoors with the younger ones.  Joseph ran in the wrong direction ending up in the swimming pool.  Thankfully the pool had its cover on, so taking his weight and preventing him from falling into it too much, resulting in cold and wet ankles and shoes only – thankfully!

We are hoping that we will get a break in the weather so that we can at least go out for a walk.  It isn’t looking too likely though, and it seems that this part of our trip at least may need to be written off, reassured with the knowledge that it is getting warmer southbound, where we are heading in two days.

It seems that The Sun decided to mention our trip without our knowledge:


The Sun Road Trip


So not only did they run it without our knowledge nor our permission, they have quoted an inaccurate and false income figure for the article, got the trip locations wrong (we now aren’t visiting Switzerland, although originally we were planning to), and have quoted me from this site without giving a link to it at all.  With so many inaccuracies in one short, small space, I don’t know whether to be impressed or annoyed.

If they wanted to talk to us directly about our trip we would have happily done so.  As for the income figure – why on earth bother if you’re just going to make it up?





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  1. You’re doing an amazing thing for your children, they’ll be so proud of you when they’re older and realise how hard you’ve worked to provide them with such an incredible childhood.

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