Our Big Family Road Trip: Meeting Jax



Four days after arriving in Lasson, Burgundy, it was time to take to the road again.  We headed in a slightly south westerly direction towards the Midi-Pyrenees where sunnier, warmer weather was promised and my never-met-in-real-life-before friend Jax and her family live.

We quickly realised that whatever journey time the sat nav estimated, we would need to add a further third to it to come anywhere close to the actual travelling time.  The journey from Lasson had been estimated to take approximately 8 hours.   In reality it took closer to 11.  We finally arrived at Maison Jax at about 7pm after leaving Burgundy at eight that morning.  It had been a long day but, as promised, the sun was still out when we arrived, leaving the cold and rain of that morning far behind us.

We found the village with relative ease, but in what we were to discover would be a regular occurrence, we would get stuck right at the end of the journey.   Finding the actual house proved a little more difficult for us despite the very thorough directions which had been emailed over.  A quick phone call to Oliver and we arrived, tired but relieved to finally be there.  This would be the longest travelling time between stops.

Our welcome couldn’t have been warmer and it was wonderful to finally meet my old (as in ‘known a long time’, not as in ‘aged’) friend and her family after all this time.


Jax and Tania
Jax and I finally meet in person after ten years of chatting online (some work-related but most of it not!)


Jax and Oliver told their story of how they found their dream, forever-home close to the mountains quite by chance.

It’s the kind of story that makes you truly believe in ‘whatever will be, will be,’ and seeing their home, the space, the setting that it sits in, it is easy to see why they fell in love with it.

Mike and I both know that the home we have now is not our forever home.   We don’t know where it is but we are sure that it is out there somewhere.  The question is, will we ever find it?  And will we know it if we do?

Maybe one day we’ll be sharing our dream, forever-home story with friends too?

Now, wouldn’t that be lovely?



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One thought on “Our Big Family Road Trip: Meeting Jax

  1. What a lovely place to call home! So glad you got to finally all meet each other after so long. This is one of the things I love about the internet – getting to meet people you wouldn’t normally come in contact with.

    Gracious that’s a long time in the car. I’m an only child and always did pretty well on these long drives with my parents. We learned when I was five that someone could only take seven hours at a time (I’ll give you a hint, it was not me or my dad 🙂 So I cannot imagine with ten on board. Bathroom stops must be constant!

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