Our Big Family Road Trip: Lac de Montbel


Lac de Montbel


We were only staying with Jax, Oliver and their family for two days.  Well, less than that if you take into account that we didn’t arrive until about 7pm on the Tuesday, and were aiming to leave by 8am on the Thursday.

We started Wednesday trying unsuccessfully to keep the children quiet early in the morning.  The problem with staying at someone else’s home is that we are all too aware that a) there are a lot of us and b) we can make quite a lot of noise.  Desperate not to disturb them yet all too aware that we were doing exactly that we went downstairs to join them for breakfast – apologetic yet defeated by our hungry and megalophonic tribe of little people.

Jax and Oliver, we apologise once again.

In writing.

We’re sorry.

After a morning walk with Jax, her daughter Sofia and Rex-the-dog, we returned back to their home for lunch before setting off to leave them in some undoubtedly much-needed peace.

We decided to head for a local lake.  The Lac de Montbel is a reservoir set against the backdrop of the Midi Pyrenees.  The day was beautifully sunny and bright and we hoped the lake wouldn’t disappoint.

It didn’t.


Big Family Road Trip - Lac de Montbel April 10 2013
Walking along the Lac de Montbel


As we walked along we could see why it was popular for swimmers and watersports.  The bright, blue skies were a perfect host, off-setting the clear, turquoise water magnificently.  The reflections of the trees danced upon the water, looking every bit as splended and detailed there as they did in their original, true form.


Enjoying nature


We all took great enjoyment taking in the sheer beauty of it all.  Nature seamlessly combining simplicity and magnificence in one, effortless swoop.


Taking it all in


From the rocks lining the path, to the crystal waters it met with.  The flowers, the trees, it was a moment not only to stop and to look, but to actually see and savour…


You’re never too young to appreciate beauty like this


… no matter how young…


Mike and Tania Sullivan
And you’re not too old either!


… or how slightly older we were, it was something we all could appreciate.


How can you find words to describe such beauty?


And appreciate it we did.

We looked for shiny pebbles.  We skimmed stones…


The small things in life make the big memories


No technology.  Nothing to distract us.


Time to enjoy and just be


A picnic by the lake rounded the day off.  Crackers took on a new form…




… far from their original and intended purpose…




As substitute Uno cards for imaginative five and three-year-olds!




And finally, we packed up and headed back.  Recharged and ready to hit the road once more the following day.





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2 thoughts on “Our Big Family Road Trip: Lac de Montbel

  1. Not kidding when I say this – stock up on the olive oil. When my parents went to Italy they brought some back and we have not been able to find anything close to it where we live. It has a completely different subtle flavor profile and we use olive oil as our main cooking ingredient (like using it to keep home made pizza dough from sticking to the cooking sheet).

    Glad you all are finally getting lovely weather!

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