Our Big Family Road Trip: Visiting La Croisett

    We would be in Cannes for less than 48 hours, so headed off to the beach on the only full day we had.  Thankfully, the weather was glorious! Fabulous blue skies stretched out over us.  It was early yet the sunshine persevered in shooing away the clouds, resolutely attempting to warm the air… Read More

Our Big Family Road Trip: Stopping off in Cannes

      We left the Midi-Pyrenees early on Thursday morning, setting off for the opposite end of the South of France – the French Riviera, no less. We set off looking forward to yet another location different from the two already visited.  We had already gone from farms to mountains, and were now headed… Read More

Our Big Family Road Trip: Lac de Montbel

    We were only staying with Jax, Oliver and their family for two days.  Well, less than that if you take into account that we didn’t arrive until about 7pm on the Tuesday, and were aiming to leave by 8am on the Thursday. We started Wednesday trying unsuccessfully to keep the children quiet early… Read More