Review: What Pet Should I Get?

      Show us a person who doesn’t love Dr. Seuss and we’ll tell you they’re lying. He is one of the most beloved children’s book authors, so much so that even adults find it hard to resist his work. From Green Eggs and Ham to How the Grinch Stole Christmas, his stories never… Read More

Review: The Imaginary

        The Imaginary by A. F. Harrold is one of those children’s books that even adults love. Everything from the plot to the characters and even the front cover drew us in. When you read the very first paragraph you become hooked. No one can resist a good imaginary friend story, but they… Read More

Review: Aliens Love Dinopants

        If you have kids who love stories, chances are you’re familiar with the Aliens Love Underpants series by Claire Freedman and Ben Cort. We loved the previous books and we love the new one, Aliens Love Dinopants, even more! Aliens Love Dinopants tells the story of some aliens who crash-land in… Read More

Review: 100 Family Adventures

  If you’re going to buy one book today, make it 100 Family Adventures. We read it, we made notes, and we loved it. This book is essentially a bucket list of things to do with the entire family before everyone has grown up and moved on, and some of the ideas inside are ones… Read More

Review: The Art of Being a Brilliant Teenager

The Art of Being a Brilliant Teenager has a message that my generation needs (it’s Cait here, by the way!), which is to get up and make something of your life. It’s funny, blunt, and helpful all rolled into one. The authors all get their point across in a way in which the stereotypical teen… Read More