Review: The Art of Being a Brilliant Teenager

The Art of Being a Brilliant Teenager

The Art of Being a Brilliant Teenager has a message that my generation needs (it’s Cait here, by the way!), which is to get up and make something of your life. It’s funny, blunt, and helpful all rolled into one. The authors all get their point across in a way in which the stereotypical teen is able to understand, using references to films and their own personal experiences.

Throughout the book are quotes by well-known people, such as Ghandi, Churchill, Charles Schulz, and so many more. Some of them pose philosophical questions, others humorous statements. Several of these quotes are ideal to hang up around the house, or to write down in a notebook of some sort because they are really inspiring and give you the motivation to do something other than lead a monotonous life full of regrets.

There’s a perfect mixture of humour and frankness, which stops it becoming boring and similar to a lecture. Because it is written by strangers, there is less pressure than if, for example, it were a parent or another close adult giving you advice, but still a push to achieve something.

The anecdotes throughout the book make you reflect on your own life, and some make you wonder whether that is what you want to accomplish by the time you’re older, or if you’d like to aim higher. And there are even times when there will be a serious story that really makes you think, only to have an entertaining ending and make it worth re-reading.

The moral of the book is essentially, “Do you want to just ‘get by’ on life, or do you want to make an effort now and look back when you’re older and realise you lead as fulfilling a life possible? If you want to be successful, get out there and do it yourself because that’s the only way it’ll happen.”

The Art of Being a Brilliant Teenager is available from Amazon, and was created by Andy Cope, Andy Whittaker, Darrell Woodman, and Amy Bradley.


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