Book Review: 100 Animal Cookies

100 animal cookies


Sometimes when we bake, we like to step away from ordinary gingerbread men and round cookie cutters, and be a bit more adventurous. The only issue is when we’ve completed the last cookie, and it looks so gorgeous we almost feel guilty for eating it. One problem that we’ve come across though, is that there aren’t many interesting cookie cutters available to buy.

100 Animal Cookies by Lisa Snyder is a book that teaches you to make one hundred animal cookies using ordinary cutters and icing techniques you probably already have. The brilliant thing about the book is how in depth the instructions are. It explains all the necessary methods you need to use when it comes to merging the different cutters to create an entirely different shape, and talks you through step by step.

The animals you can create and ice include everything from caterpillars to pterodactyls, some using only one cookie cutter and others up to three. For example, in order to make a mouse, Lisa Snyder has combined a baby cookie cutter, and a star shaped cutter.

We loved the book, and thought all of the biscuits looked adorable. However, as they require a lot of patience and time, they wouldn’t be a regular thing here, limited to parties, special occasions, and the odd day when we have a little extra time. But it’s a great chance to get creative, so if you enjoy baking and have time to create masterpieces out of dough, this book would definitely be for you!

You can buy 100 Animal Cookies for £12.99 from Amazon and other good retailers.



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