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aliens love dinopants



If you have kids who love stories, chances are you’re familiar with the Aliens Love Underpants series by Claire Freedman and Ben Cort. We loved the previous books and we love the new one, Aliens Love Dinopants, even more!

Aliens Love Dinopants tells the story of some aliens who crash-land in the jungle in search of some underpants, but little do they know the pants they’ve found belong to some terrifying dinosaurs! It turns out they hadn’t been wiped out ‘pants-zillion’ years ago but had hidden themselves from humans and (thankfully!) managed to keep their supply of underpants. Will the aliens and dinosaurs work out their differences, or are there just not enough pants to go around?

We guarantee that any child will love this hilarious story told in rhymes. As well as the rhyming storyline there are also some fascinating brightly-coloured illustrations that will bring the story to life. Aliens Love Dinopants had us in fits of laughter the entire way through. The kids loved it and listened to the entire story with none of them getting bored and leaving half way through. It’s a short enough story that it will keep short attention spans, but it’s long enough that it doesn’t feel rushed which is a great thing when it comes to picture books.

You don’t need to have read the previous Underpants books in order to understand it, although we’d definitely recommend them too. Aliens Love Dinopants will have children (and adults) giggling from start to finish.

If you’d like to get your own copy of Aliens Love Dinopants go to Amazon here (RRP: £11.99).




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