Review: Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! 2016





If there’s one thing that our kids love doing, it’s coming out with weird and wonderful facts. Over the years we’ve owned countless strange fact books but we’ve never had a Ripley’s Believe It or Not Annual. This has now changed with the arrival of the 2016 annual and some of the passages are odder and slightly more gruesome than we could have imagined, which is just what we like!

There are ten chapters: Believe It, World, Animals, Body, Pop Culture, Transport, Feats, Art, Food and Beyond Belief. In each of the chapters there are some interesting, amusing and sometimes slightly insane and unbelievable tidbits and facts about anything and everything. There are hundreds of pages dedicated to this information and it kept the boys reading for a long time!

It’s one of those books that you can keep going back to again and again because you know that no matter how many times you read it you must have missed something interesting. It’s not just 200 pages of text either, but the writing is broken up by illustrations and photographs as well as additional sections that highlight particular stories jotted throughout the book.

The fun doesn’t end when you turn the last page! If you go to you can turn yourself into one of the eye-popping images. All you have to do is choose your favourite and creepiest image, upload one of yourself and voila – you now fit right into the world of Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Like the book, this game will had us both laughing and feeling slightly sick at the same time.

Buy a copy of Ripley’s Believe It or Not! 2016 Annual here (RRP: £20.00).



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