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Two things our family loves is Disney and games. Combine the two and we’re over the moon! This  means that Disney Pictopia is a firm favourite around our house. It tests your knowledge on all things Disney, from Disney Jr to the classics. As well as them, you have player spotlight questions such as ‘Which ONE of these characters would I like to be for a day?’ making it the perfect game to see how well you know your family and friends, and get to know them that bit better.

You can play either in teams or individually to solve the questions. It encourages teamwork and it’s incredibly competitive! With us being competitive Disney-lovers, it was a game that we took very seriously indeed. There was something for everyone in the family which was wonderful, as it meant that no one was left out or treated unfairly.

On the front of the card are four images, and on the back are the questions and answers. There are five categories: Pick 1, Pick 2, Pick 3, Solo Pick 1 and Spotlight.

Instead of using a spinner or dice to figure out how many spaces to advance, each player puts down a double-sided coin (known as a wager coin). On one side of the coin is a number, while the other side is blank. The wager coin gets placed on the board so the number is face-down. If the player gets the question right, they can then look at their coin and advance the number of spaces it says.

With it being a board game it takes a while to complete but since it is one of those games everyone enjoys, it flew by. It’s fabulous for a mini game night – grab some snacks and get started! There’s also a brilliant Disney Pictopia app available for iOS and Android, great for when you’re out and about.

You can get Disney Pictopia from Amazon (RRP: £19.99). Find out more about it from the Esdevium website here.



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