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One thing most of the children have in common is that they really enjoy building. It doesn’t matter whether it’s out of wood, blocks, or K’Nex, they seem to always be making something interesting. We have had many sets of K’NEX over the years but we’ve never had one which can fire foam pellets.

Before the fun of (safely!) shooting one another with the darts, each person must assemble their blaster using one of the KForce Build and Blast sets. You can get many different weapon sets but our favourites have to be the K-10X Building Set and the Dual Cross Building Set. Depending on how familiar you are with K’NEX sets they can look either incredibly overwhelming or extremely easy. Some of our boys whizzed through them both and were finished in an hour or so whereas others were not as speedy.

We were impressed by the fact that the Dual Cross set does not build just one thing but can make four alternate designs. This set includes rods and connectors, blaster chambers, skull dart holders, quick fit grips, preload rings, darts and of course instructions. In total there are 368 pieces which is sure to keep your kids occupied as it did ours!

The other set we loved was the Mini Cross set. It has 94 pieces in total and didn’t take long to assemble at all. We found the K-10X set best for younger kids or those who are new to building with K’NEX due to its simplicity. It’s not as difficult as the Dual Cross set which makes it perfect for them. This basic K-10X Building Set can be used alone or combined with the Mini Cross set to make an ultimate blaster.

We love K’NEX and we like the fact that the fun doesn’t end as soon the building has been completed. The kids enjoy being able to run around outside and shoot each other with the pellets after they’ve gone through the hard work of creating the blasters.

The KForce Build and Blast sets are all compatible with one another so there is always a good opportunity to combine certain pieces to make them bigger and better!

You can buy the Dual Cross Building Set from Amazon here (RRP: £39.99).

You can buy the Mini Cross Building Set from Amazon here (RRP: 14.99).



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