Something to lose: Week 6


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Things are progressing as usual on this venture to shift the fat and the journey of discovery continues.

I’m still doing the daily step routine on the bathroom scales – sometimes several times a day – as if half a stone will magically disappear between 7am and 11am. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if that were the case? Unfortunately, much as I’d love it to be otherwise, it isn’t, and much as I know this, I still can’t stop the compulsory weighing.

I have discovered that a love of cooking and of food doesn’t quite fit in when trying to lose weight – at least not when the love of food includes rich desserts made of double cream and fabulous homemade cakes adorned with frosting and butter. Rather than stop cooking these delights, or worse, cooking them and avoiding eating the fruits of my labour, I’ve decided that small quantities every now and then shouldn’t cause too much damage as long as I have the points to spare. Depriving myself is not good for my soul, nor that of those around me.

I have continued working out on the cross trainer, though missed the last few days due to sickness. You’d think with the copious amounts of fruit and veg I’ve been gorging on that any illnesses would have been staved well away by the extensive amounts of vitamin C my body now possesses. Sadly, it doesn’t seem to have battled the bug, leaving me aching, exhausted and full of cold.

I have been asked for an example of the foods we are now eating. Whereas before I’d have had toast for breakfast I will now have a bowl of zero points fruit with a yoghurt. Sometimes I’ll add a little porridge or two Weetabix. This will see me contentedly through to lunch time without feeling the need to snack – something which toast didn’t allow me to do.

For lunch we”ll have a huge plate of salad of some kind with either an omelette or some steamed salmon, or a bowl of soup accompanying it. I might have a bowl of Greek Salad but forfeit the olive oil (which contains fairly high points), and instead add a dash of balsamic vinegar.

Dinner times are pretty much the same meals as usual. I use the recipe builder to work out the points of our own recipes and meals so we know exactly how much we’re consuming ProPoints-wise. I might substitute some ingredients for lower fat ones, e.g.  low fat cream cheese instead of butter in mashed potatoes. I’m also trying to get the hang of serving up smaller portions and loading more zero points veg on the plates instead.

Evenings are my worst time of day and the time I’m prone to snacking. Knowing this, I leave myself enough points to be able to have a treat or two without worrying that I’ve fallen off the diet wagon. I love fruit salads so we pile grapes, melon pieces, sliced bananas and maybe strawberries into a bowl with a couple of meringues and a yoghurt. This is tasty, filling and satisfies the sweet tooth, and is only four ProPoints. I might even have enough points for a bag of crisps if I fancy them.

I have stopped adding whitener to my coffee and now drink the one or two morning mugfuls black. I’ve switched from tea and hot chocolate drinks to herbal teas instead. Doing these simple things save a few points which add up without noticing.

This week’s weigh-in was better for me with a 1lb loss – and not so good for Mike with a 1lb gain. To be fair, he was away house-hunting for a couple of days last week with only limited fast food available. Hopefully, he’ll be back on track this week.

Here is our progress so far:



Total lost to date: 17lbs (1st 3lb

Still to lose: 53lbs



Total lost to date: 11lbs


Combined loss to date: 28lbs



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2 thoughts on “Something to lose: Week 6

  1. I, too, am on this roller coaster. And I, too, need to lose 70 lbs. I have lost and gained the same 3 lbs these last 5 weeks. Talk about discouragement! *sigh*

    My children and I are participating in our communities “Couch to 5k” program and since Winter has *finally* decided to leave (we got 11″ on snow in 24 hours last Thursday/Friday!), I am getting outside and doing the walking/jogging thing. I am trying to focus on the NSV’s (non-scale-victories), like my double chin shrinking to just 1.5 chins. I can now bed over from the waist to tie my shoe and still breathe. I can now carry our tank-of-a-2 yr old son up the stairs without stopping and gasping for breath. You know, things like that.

    Keep up the good work and remember that you are not alone!

    (Between you and me, I’m wondering if I’m not PG. Our youngest is 8.5 months, my cycle hasn’t started again (which it always has by this time), and I’m just not able to lose…. but time will tell.)

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