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It’s hard to keep children entertained for little money, particularly on those rainy days. Boycraft – Loads of Things to Make For and With Boys (and Girls)  is full of crafts which boys (and girls!) will love, and best of all, they cost little to no money.

Boycraft is a book written by Sara Duchars and Sarah Marks and published by Frances Lincoln Publishers. Sara and Sarah are co-founders of the Buttonbag craft brand. It features woolly, wooden, paper, model, and stitching crafts, and there are over 50 to be found. You don’t need to spend large amounts of money on the materials, as many of them you can find just lying around the house!

The instructions are easy to read and understand, and to go with it they have some fun illustrations. All of the crafts are can be carried out simply and give hours of fun to you and your child. You can make everything from bowls made out of old magazines to your own action heroes! . It’s something they can all get involved with, and encourages teamwork. Alternatively, the child could also do it alone.

We have several arty-crafty kids in our house, so this book is one read constantly. They love to look at the book, whether they’re planning to make something that second, or just like to read through it in case they get any inspiration for later one. We have several creations lying about the house now, and no doubt there is more to come!

You can purchase Boycraft – Loads of Things to Make For and With Boys (and Girls) straight from the publishers here for £12.99. It’s also available at Amazon.


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