Twin Pregnancy Diary – 35 weeks 2 days

Earlier on during this pregnancy I did wonder whether I would still be writing this diary at this stage. To reach 35 weeks of a twin pregnancy is quite an achievement I believe. The babies are growing strong and healthy with every extra day and that is the main thing.  However, I am beginning to… Read More

Twin Pregnancy Diary – 34 weeks 4 days

Twin Pregnancy 34 weeks I apologise for the lateness of this week’s update.  Remember I told you about sickness in a large family?  Well, I got it.   Like it hadn’t been enough being hit with one thing after another the last few weeks, I became even more tired and lethargic than normal, or rather… Read More

Twin Pregnancy Diary – 33 weeks 2 days

Twin Pregnancy 33 weeks It’s official.  I have had enough. The last couple of weeks have been hard going.  I don’t like hard going.  I like an easy life.  I like easy pregnancies, which thankfully I have pretty much always had.  I know, I’ve been spoilt. I don’t like being so big.  I don’t like… Read More

Twin Pregnancy Diary – 32 weeks 5 days

. This morning was the first one in the last six days that I haven’t woken with a headache. Three and a half hours later and I can feel it starting up now. Still, at least I had a little respite. I have been prescribed codeine to help with the headaches but I don’t want… Read More

Twin Pregnancy Diary – 32 weeks 2 days

32 week twin pregnancy The last few weeks of this pregnancy are snowballing symptom-wise.  The tiredness is becoming chronic now, yet with various things going on resting daily isn’t always possible.  I’m taking snatches of the day to lie down on the sofa in the midst of toys and chatter and children.  The tiredness takes… Read More

Twin Pregnancy Diary – 31 weeks 4 days

. The appointment with the midwife went well yesterday. I like getting the first appointment of the day as it means I don’t need to worry so much about getting a parking space for the minibus. It is funny, the things I think about for the simplest of reasons. Another example is travelling a new… Read More