Twin Pregnancy Diary – 35 weeks 2 days

Earlier on during this pregnancy I did wonder whether I would still be writing this diary at this stage. To reach 35 weeks of a twin pregnancy is quite an achievement I believe. The babies are growing strong and healthy with every extra day and that is the main thing.  However, I am beginning to think that despite the warnings that multiples can and often do come early, this would not apply to me and my cervix of steel.

I’m still grumpy.

Oh goodness, I did not imagine being so uncomfortable now. I always find the end of pregnancy can’t come quick enough but this time around the heaviness and discomfort is really making me miserable.

I am finding myself feeling permanently tired, like I’m in a thick fog or cloud or something. It’s not a normal “I’ve missed some sleep” tiredness but a general weariness of great proportions. When I lie down gravity pulls my belly either to one side or the other. After a while this stretches on the ligaments at the underside of my belly and good grief, it hurts! I am waking several times a night needing to sit up straight on the side of my bed or to get up and walk around for half an hour before it eases enough for me to go back to bed and try to sleep again. Poor Mike wakes up wondering whether I’m in labour.

Anyway, the end is in sight. There are now ten days left until the caesarean date. We are ready and waiting now. Tomorrow is my final appointment with the consultant where we’ll be going over the risks of the c-section and getting my signature on the paperwork. I think I’ll also mention once again my concern at the babies movements which I’m quite sure have lessened lately compared to how they were. It wouldn’t be surprising that they are finding it harder to move around as space in there must be very limited now, but I think I’ll mention it to her if only for reassurance.

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4 thoughts on “Twin Pregnancy Diary – 35 weeks 2 days

  1. Just imagine if you went to 40 weeks with these guys 😀 In a singleton pregnancy, the belly seems to explode in the last 4 weeks, you aren't even in the last 4 weeks in a singleton timeline. lol, that would be hard.

  2. Cervix of steel! Love it!! You've done so well with this pregnancy! Don't forget your tired for a reason, its not just any ordinary pregnancy your going through, listen to that body and rest as much as possible, can't wait to see if they'll hang around for another 10 days! How exciting! Cheers Sue

  3. Oh dear. A cervix of steel? I have one of those as well, which meant I needed help with getting all 6 of my labours rolling.

    So my guess is that you will make it to the C-section date, but you undoubtedly will be wishing that you won't 😉

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