Being like Daddy

Daddy is a joiner.  He makes lots of things out of wood.  He’s very good at what he does.  It’s handy because we have lots of custom made furniture we wouldn’t otherwise have.  We also have supplies of wood.



The boys want to be like Daddy.

So when Letterbox sent them a surprise package which contained this Bigjigs Power Tools Workbench smiles got pretty wide indeed!

Paddy’s smile got very wide…

The problem was, the workbench was so colourful, so eyecatching and looked so much fun that everyone wanted to join in too.  And Paddy, being the caring, sharing kind happily let them…

After the minimal adult assembly needed to put it together the toy isn’t very large at all so doesn’t take up much space.  It’s great for little hands though who are still getting used to honing their motor skills.  Between the power tools, circular saw and selection of hand tools including a hammer (always goes down well with little kids, don’t you think?!), nuts, bolts and a working vice there is plenty to keep them occupied.  The only things is, if you want to play all by yourself and not have to share you have to be a little resourceful.
Paddy worked this out. 
He got up extra early the following morning. 
And played to his heart’s content.
All.  By.  Himself.

The Bigjigs Power Tools Workbench is available from Letterbox, priced at £45.00 and “It’s great!” according to Paddy.  But you’ll have to take his word for it… unless you get up reeeeeally early!

(Disclaimer: Letterbox kindly sent us a Bigjigs Powertools Workbench for the purpose of this review)


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  1. Just wanted to stop and say I am checking out your large family blog. It's nice to see what like minded families are doing. Take care…Pam

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