Twin Pregnancy Diary – 32 weeks 5 days


This morning was the first one in the last six days that I haven’t woken with a headache. Three and a half hours later and I can feel it starting up now. Still, at least I had a little respite.

I have been prescribed codeine to help with the headaches but I don’t want to be popping pills. I don’t like taking medicine and I can’t be taking pills constantly to numb the pain in my head. Surely it wouldn’t be good for the babies. I try to put it off until the pain is completely unbearable before I give in.

I have been taking the antibiotics as prescribed and am feeling much better than I was yesterday so that’s a bonus. I haven’t had any more vomiting or nausea and the dizziness has subsided for now so I am hoping the symptoms were just down to the urine infection and nothing else. Having never had experienced a urine infection throughout all my previous pregnancies, I’m quite surprised at how awful it can make you feel. Then again, I’m pleased to never have had any major issues during pregnancy and while I am prepared for things to get a little more difficult and for a higher risk of complications to arise I am thankful that I have so far had such an easy time of things.

Later today I will be off to the hospital once again, this time for a growth scan to check on the twins’ well-being. Mike and I have made our guesses to today’s estimated weights for each baby. I think 4lb 8oz for Twin 1 whereas Mike thinks it is 4lb 14oz, and I estimate Twin 2 to be 4lb 5oz to Mike’s guess of 4lb 9oz. If you want to play along just make your guess in the comments below or over on our Facebook page and I’ll update either later or tomorrow.


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One thought on “Twin Pregnancy Diary – 32 weeks 5 days

  1. You know your body better than I do, but I wanted to throw out there that waiting until the headache is really bad might be worse.

    I suffered hyperemesis with my pregnancy, and one of the things I discovered in that situation was, if I got badly nauseous, the pills would dull it somewhat and it would be back again in 3 hours. If I took the pills pre-emptivly before the nausea kicked in bad, I would have a higher degree of relief and would often make it 5 or 6 hours before needing to take them again. I have found that the same is true of a number of things relating to our bodies since.

    Now I don't suggest you take codene before you get a headache! But maybe when you start to feel it come on, take it early and see if you last longer before it comes back, or gives you considerably more relief. You may even find that you can half the dosage if you jump on it early. Or it may not help at all, I don't know much about headaches, it's just a thought.

    Also, I recieved the book today, thank you!! I've been reading it in every spare moment all day.

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