My reasons for posting so late today

It seems by the messages I have received over the course of the day that my silence on here, Facebook and Twitter has given some of you cause for concern.

I am ok. The babies are ok.  And no, they haven’t arrived yet.

However, to cap off what has been a generally quite naff week healthwise, I am now entertaining two unwanted guests, Mr Sore Throat and Ms Runny Nose, along with the equally annoying Mrs Itchy Eyes and Mr Aching Body. These guests have made their way around the rest of the family too and those that haven’t yet succumbed look like are about to in the next day or so. Talk about something we just don’t need at the moment. Having said that, it’s better done and dusted now than when the twins arrive.

On the up-side of life, it was this little guys birthday today…

Even though he’s still not fully over his cold of the last couple of days, it seems Joseph enjoyed marking the first year since his birth.  I can’t believe he is a year old already.  I wonder how much older he will get before he becomes a big brother?

Joseph is such a placid, sweet and laid back little chap.  He is a joy, a complete and utter pleasure to be with and we are so very blessed to have him.  His smile brightens up my day.

Happy 1st Birthday, Joseph.  May you have many, many more.


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3 thoughts on “My reasons for posting so late today

  1. Happy birthday little guy! Speaking as a September 23rd birthday person myself I know he is going to grow up to be a very attractive, smart, witty, confident, happy and fun member of the family! On the downside he may be indicisive and critical at times. Anyway, it's a great day to have a birthday wether you have just turned 1 or 31.:)

    Hope you begin to feel better soon, any illness/bug in pregnancy can be hard work. All the best for you getting back in better health.


  2. Happy Birthday to your laid back chap. We have had the lurgy all week and are still suffering (chest infections all round) I hope you manage to get shot quicker than us

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