A quick update as I’m not feeling very well today.

Felt ill and went to hospital yesterday. They found a small amount of protein in my urine and a water infection. They weren’t too worried about the protein at the moment as it was only one + and they prescribed antibiotics for the infection and codeine for the headaches.

Came home, went to bed and woke up with a headache, feeling dizzy and vomiting. Called hospital early this morning and have agreed that if I’m not feeling better later today that I will contact triage to see whether I need to go in later to let them check me and the babies over.  Better to be safe than sorry and I’d rather be sent home and be told there’s nothing wrong with me than it to be flaring up into something more serious.

Mike’s gone into work to collect his things and he’ll be back in a few hours. That’s it for him work-wise for the rest of the year.

The kids are coming down with colds too.

If I go to hospital later I’ll update through the Larger Family Life Facebook page and Twitter.


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6 thoughts on “Sick

  1. praying for you too dear! Hope you fee; much better soon and that's wonderful that Mike is going to be home with you for a while.
    Take care and rest up honey.

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