Hi-ho, Hi-ho, It’s off to hospital I go…

Despite the jolly tune of the title of this post it’s not for a jolly reason at all but simply for monitoring and tests. Well, actually, I’m not entirely sure that I will be heading off to the hospital but I have a strong suspicion that the midwife will insist.

After the fourth continuous day of chronic tiredness and a crippling headache, well, not exactly a headache but more like pressure and pain in the back of my head, I succumbed and called the midwife. She insisted that I went straight to triage at the delivery suite at the hospital. I burst into tears.

I didn’t want to go to hospital. I still don’t. I can’t bear the thought of being admitted, unless it’s to have the babies and it’s far too soon for that. I hate wards and most of all I don’t want to be away from my family.

And then the sensible side takes over from the emotional side and tell myself the one reason that I should be checked over. It’s for the babies.

The midwife told me to take two painkillers and if I still wasn’t feeling better I could go and see her at the surgery this morning. I took the painkillers, laid down for most of the day and still there was no improvement so I called her back. She was reluctant to see me herself, saying that I needed more thorough checking over and that I really should go to the hospital. I cried again and offered that if I could just see her for the checks she could do, then if she was still concerned or found anything at all indicating I needed to be seen there then I would go. She said I could stop by the surgery at any time before midday to see her.

I am so frustrated to have got so far and now seem to be falling at the very last stage. I haven’t had very much to worry about or be concerned about. My health has for the most part been pretty good, apart from the old iron issues. It would be such a shame for things to go pear-shaped now.

So this morning I am bracing myself. I am getting ready to go to the surgery to see my midwife yet I know I’m going to be sent on to the hospital. I’ll be very surprised if at this stage they don’t want to rule out things such as pre-eclampsia (which I don’t think it is) or check on my iron (which I do think is the culprit). I just hope I am not admitted. Then again, if I am, I am. Logic tells me I need to do what is best for the babies and for my health. Unfortunately, logic is fighting a battle with hormones and the hormones seem to be winning.

I’ll try to keep you updated through the Larger Family Life Facebook page and Twitter (which will be my main source of updating if I am admitted and when I go in to have the babies. Have you joined up yet?).


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5 thoughts on “Hi-ho, Hi-ho, It’s off to hospital I go…

  1. It's not very nice being admitted into hospital. I spent 5.5wks there when pregnant with my 3rd….but you must get checked out. Hopefully, they'll check you over & send you home xx

  2. All the very best to you all. As frustrating as it is, they are only looking out for you and the babies. I was kept in at 30 weeks with my second son due to complications for a couple of days and though it was terribly inconvenient, I knew I was in the right place should things get more complicated. Wishing you luck and hoping that all is ok soon. x

  3. Hoping with all my positive thoughts that all is well with you and the little ones! Pregnancy is such an amazing time, yet one little thing and it suddenly feels like the whole world crashes if it's not going right. I am sure you are all fine and healthy! Better to know than not and risk major things happening over something that could have been a quick fix.

    Also, you are such a brave and courageous woman – I am just in awe of you 🙂

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