Traditional Spotted Dick

        Here is a traditional, warm, comforting pudding which is perfect for the cold winter days.   Ingredients:  12oz plain flour 6oz suet 3oz sugar 4oz currants 8oz milk 1tbsp butter   Method: Put all dry ingredients into a bowl and stir thoroughly. Add milk and bring ingredients together to make a… Read More

Recipe: Lemon Sorbet

    2012 has been extremely disappointing in respect of the weather.  You would think that by mid-June we should be sipping Pimms in the sunshine, bunging the charcoal on the BBQ and picnicking the weekends away. But no. There has been rain, rain and more rain. Yet I remain optimistic that we will have… Read More

School Dinners and Butterscotch Tart

In the days before Jamie Oliver took on the schools (although not that long ago I hasten to add), and when Spam was a tinned meat, school dinners were very different to the meals that they now offer.  The meals themselves I was not normally very impressed with.  And we weren’t allowed a drink during… Read More

A Greek Recipe – Galaktoboureko

Galaktoboureko is a Greek recipe which when translated, means “Milk Pie”.  It’s not actually just milk in the centre but a custard, which is fortunate as milk would spill and then you’d cry even though that wouldn’t be any use. It’s a dessert and a little goes a long way. Of course, that would also… Read More

Egg-Free Apple Cinnamon Cake

  I’ve been messing about in the kitchen experimenting with some recipes.  Our chickens have been poorly, and all but one has stopped laying eggs.  Being unwilling to buy eggs I decided upon an eggless sponge.  Egg-free recipes aren’t just handy when your hens have stopped laying though, as anyone with an egg allergy will… Read More